image-1rv1When the storms hit:

Call Life Roofing immediately to get started on our roof repair process!

Step 1: Inspection

  • We inspect and check your roof to determine the extent of the damage.

Step 2: Insurance Consultation

  • We help you call in your claim.
  • We meet with the adjuster and will help point out all collateral damage to make sure the insurance company pays for everything you are entitled to from your loss.

Step 3: Written Contractimage-2rv1

  • We work together to contract the scope of work outlined by our consultation with the insurance company.

Step 4: Service Scheduling

  • We will schedule a time to start the project at a convenient time for you.

Step 5: Project Starts

  • We work hard to protect your property from debris by covering your landscaping and your home’s most important assets.
  • We begin work on your roof as soon as we can to make all necessary repairs.
  • We carefully remove and haul off all debris from your property.
  • Together we inspect the completed job to ensure it meets your satisfaction.
  • Normal time for completion is one to two days.image-3rv1
  • Keeping time in mind does not mean the quality of your results will ever suffer; from start to finish, we pay great attention to detail and clean up after ourselves before leaving.

YOU Are Our Top Priority

Our customers are our main priority at Life Roofing & Construction. We do our jobs the right way the first time, so you never have to question if your roof is going to keep your home safe.

No matter when the next storm hits, call us to examine your roof right way. You and your family should always have the peace of mind that what is over your head is going to last.

Your roof should be able to withstand hail, snow, ice, flying debris, and more, but sometimes it cannot. Whether a storm has ripped your roof to pieces, or you think that you may have a few leaks, Life Roofing & Construction will be there for you.